ARK - July 26, 2008


Come Receive the Light: Why Orthodoxy?

Fr. Chris discusses questions on the minds of young people today with the priests and laypeople who oversee youth ministry in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Also, Fr. John McGuckin speaks about the relationship between forgiveness and prayer.

NEW SERIES: Journeys to Orthodoxy
From Calvary Chapel Pastor to Orthodox Christian

This is the inaugural episode of Journeys to Orthodoxy, a new show contributed by Icon New Media Network, which features the stories of converts to Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

On the first episode, host Jacob Lee shares his own unique spiritual journey. Jacob became an Eastern Orthodox Christian on Cheesefair Sunday 2007. Before that, he was an ordained Calvary Chapel minister who co-pastored a 1000-member-plus, emergent Church called Sanctuary under Calvary Chapel Capo Beach. Listen in to find out why Jacob became an Eastern Orthodox Christian.

Come Receive the Light Study Guide: What Attracts Converts to Orthodoxy?

Fr. John Parker discusses several things that attract different types of people to Orthodoxy. Be sure to read this week's Study Guide if you're involved in parish outreach or evangelism.

Turning to the Fathers: Prayer

Fr. John McGuckin discusses ancient Christian spirituality in today's world. This week, St. Gregory the Theologian on prayer.

Icons in Sound: The Divine Liturgy Like You've Never Heard It Before!

We are delighted to bring you a preview of Cappella Romana's newest CD, which was launched at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese's Clergy-Laity Congress. This is truly a history-making recording, on which the complete Divine Liturgy, in the English translation of the Thyateira Diocese, is chanted in authentic Byzantine style by expert, professional-caliber chanters, whose native language is English.

Theologically Thinking: The WRATH of God?

Fr. Christopher Stamas answers the question: What does Scripture say about the "Wrath" of God?

Get Wisdom: The Orthodox Bible Study Program

In this "minisode" we cover Mark 14:1-11, looking at St. Mary's anointing Jesus' head and feet with perfume.

Get Wisdom Study Guide: Great for Youth Groups