ARK - August 22, 2008

This Week in ARK

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Handy links to our new shows are included below. In addition to those mentioned in this e-mail's subject line, be sure to check out "Journeys to Orthodoxy" for the story of an African-American jazz musician and Assistant Professor of Music at Ohio State University who recently entered the Orthodox Church.

Once again: Please note that everyone who registers as a member of the OCN Web site ( during August will be eligible to win a copy of the new, complete Orthodox Study Bible. Spread the word and join up yourself, if you haven't already.

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Come Receive the Light: Wealth, Poverty & Salvation

Dr. John D. Jones draws from the writings of the Church Fathers, especially St. John Chrysostom, to connect our financial and philanthropic lives in modern-day America to our spiritual condition. Listen @ 11 AM & 7 PM, every day except Tues & Thurs.


Also on every ARK and RUDDER @ 11 AM & 7 PM, every day except Tues & Thurs.

Just Thinking: Obama & McCain at Saddleback

Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News on Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum, especially the candidate's responses on the theme of good versus evil. A must hear for all following the Presidential election.

Also on every ARK and RUDDER @ 9:15 AM & PM every weekday.

This Week's Study Guide: Mine Own of Mine Own?

Fr. John Parker reflects on how we can bring the spirit of the Divine Liturgy into our daily -- and financial -- lives.

OCN Now: Humanitarian Relief in Georgia

Amal Morcos, Director of Communications for IOCC, talks with Fr. Chris about IOCC's efforts to assist those affected by the war between Russia and Georgia.


Also on every ARK and RUDDER @ 12:30 AM & PM every weekday.

Special Moments in Orthodoxy: Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Fr. Kevin Sherer and Chip Southworth discuss their work at the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, the college campus ministry of SCOBA.

Also on every ARK and RUDDER @ 11 PM on Mon, Wed, & Fri.

Theologically Thinking: Orthodox Sacred Music & Chant

Dr. Vlad Morosan of on Orthodox sacred music and what's new on The Rudder, one of OCN's 24/7 online Orthodox radio stations. Vlad is an OCN contributor and host of his own show, Icons in Sound. To hear Vlad's show, please visit the Icons in Sound homepage at

Also on every ARK and RUDDER @ 10 AM on Mon, Wed, Fri, or 2 PM other days.

Get Wisdom: The Resurrection

On this week's Bible study program, we examine the resurrection of Jesus. Perfect for teens & families. Free PDF study guide available.

Also on every ARK @ 11 AM & 5 PM on Sat & Sun.

Journeys to Orthodoxy: Our new series!

Host Jacob Lee interviews Shawn Wallace, an African-American jazz musician and Assistant Professor of Music at Ohio State University. Shawn grew up in a Pentecostal home, started a street evangelism ministry at age 20 and used his gift for music to lead worship. Tune in to find out about Shawn's journey to Orthodoxy.

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