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October 24, 2008

Dear Holy Trinity Parishioners,

Included this week is our own Father Harry Pappas.  Father Harry's Bible Class was recorded and is on the Orthodox Christian Network as part of the Special Moments in Orthodoxy series.


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This weeks Podcasts:

Come Receive the Light: Making Time for Family & Faith

On Come Receive the Light, the National Orthodox Radio Program, Dr. Albert Rossi of St. Vladimir's Seminary offers some practical steps to help us set aside more time for family, relationships and meaningful spiritual growth in a busy world. Also, Fr. Alexander Goussetis with the first of a series on World Religions & Orthodoxy. This week, tune in to find out about Hinduism.

Icons in Sound: Rejoice: Hymns to the Virgin Mary

Tune in to hear a brand-new CD by the St. Vladimir's Seminary Chorale, which draws upon the richness of many Orthodox musical traditions, all adapted into the English Language. From Byzantine and Slavic chants adapted and arranged by graduates of the Seminary, to new compositions by American Orthodox composers, this CD allows listeners to experience the musical breadth and diversity found in the Seminary's liturgical practice.

Special Moments in Orthodoxy: The Book of Acts & The Early Christian Church, Part II

The series of adult Bible studies continues! Fr. Harry Pappas, from St. Vladimir's Seminary & Holy Trinity Church in New Rochelle, paints a vivid picture of the life of Jesus, the work of the Apostles and the very earliest Christian Church. Don't miss it!

Get Wisdom: Overcoming Our Passions

On this week's Bible study program for young people, Jason Barker looks at the Book of Romans and how believers can overcome the Passions and be free of sin.

Turning to the Fathers: St. Evagarios of Pontus

This week, noted scholar Fr. John McGuckin examines the spiritual teachings St. Evagrios of Pontus. Evagrius of Pontus (c.345-399) was one of the most prominent figures among the monks of the desert settlements of Nitria, Sketis, and Kellia in Lower Egypt. Through the course of his ascetic writings he formulated a systematic presentation of the teaching of the semi-eremitic monks of these settlements. The works of Evagrius had a profound influence on Eastern Orthodox monastic teaching and passed to the West through the writings of John Cassian (c.365-435)

Theologically Thinking: A Dramatic Presentation of the Life of St. Demetrios

A one-of-a-kind radio drama! We pulled this one out of the vault in honor of St. Demetrios, whose feast day is this weekend. OCN produced this radio drama several years ago. It portrays the life of the Great Martyr Demetrios, a high-ranking Roman military official who wouldn't deny his Christian Faith and therefore paid the ultimate price.

Journeys to Orthodoxy: From Southern Baptist to Greek Orthodox

Tune in to hear the story of Jeff Burke, a "Jesus Movement" Baptist who became Greek Orthodox. Jeff attended Dallas Seminary and was heavily involved with his local Baptist Church, but became dissatisfied with the Baptist Church when crisis hit his life and no one was there for him. It sent him on a journey in which a Catholic Monk recommended he become Orthodox. Jeff found  Transfiguration Church Greek Orthodox Church in Charlottesville, VA, and he and his wife were Baptized there on Lazarus Saturday, 2008.


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