This Week in ARK

November 7, 2008

Dear Holy Trinity Parishioners,

Included this week is our own Father Harry Pappas.  Father Harry's Bible Class was recorded and is on the Orthodox Christian Network as part of the Special Moments in Orthodoxy series.


Message from the Orthodox Christian Network:


Dear Friends of OCN,

Below are the links to this week's programs. Enjoy!

In Christ,

Video: OCN Ministry Overview: Giving Orthodoxy A Voice In Today's World

Check out this 10-minute film, which explains what this ministry is all about.

Come Receive the Light: Understanding Buddhism

Fr. Alexander Goussetis, author of Encountering World Religions: An Orthodox Christian Perspective, talks with Fr. Chris about Buddhism. How does its form of "asceticism" compare to Orthodoxy's? Also, Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, a professor at Boston University, answers questions about Orthodoxy sent in from listeners around the country. Topics include: The Bible, cremation in Greece & more.

Get Wisdom: What Does "Fairness" Mean to God?

Bible study for young people. This week, Jason Barker looks at Romans 9 and what it has to say about God's "fairness".

Just Thinking: The Election & Hope

Fr. Chris Metropulos and Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News discuss the recent election. Why are so many people looking for hope in today's world, and where will they find it? Tune in for a look at what our Faith has to say.

Theologically Thinking: Thank God!

Celebrated theologian, Fr. Stanley Harakas, on why and how we should thank God whenever we are successful in life.

Special Moments in Orthodoxy: The Book of Acts, Part IV

The series of adult Bible studies continues with Fr. Harry Pappas from St. Vladimir's Seminary. 

Turning to the Fathers: St. John of Damascus

Fr. John McGuckin on one of the greatest theologians in the history of Christianity.


As the holidays approach and 2008 winds to a close - You Can Make a Difference for Orthodoxy! Check out this special message from Father Chris about our current the End-of-the-Year Appeal and find out how you can help spread Orthodoxy in the United States!