ARK - June 13, 2008



Come Receive the Light: Surprised by Christ

Fr. James Bernstein, author of a new book called Surprised by Christ: My Journey from Judaism to Orthodox Christianity, talks about his spiritual journey and how it led him to become an Orthodox Christian priest.

CRTL Study Guide: Is God Humble?

Fr. John Parker with a printable study guide, so that family, friends and parish groups can find food for thought and more information this week's episode of Come Receive the Light.

Turning to the Fathers: St. John of Damascus

Fr. John McGuckin on a saying from St. John of Damascus on the spiritual life and prayer.

Theologically Thinking: Fr. Demetrios Tonias on Holy Pentecost

Fr. Demetrios Tonias on the Jewish context of the Feast of Holy Pentecost and its relevance today.

Just Thinking: Political Religion?

Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News on Sen. John McCain's recent visit with Archbishop Demetrios, and, more generally, on the role of faith in politics today.

Special Moments in Orthodoxy: Fr. John Behr on Trinitarian Theology

Fr. John Behr, noted author and theologian from St. Vladimir's, on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

OCN Now: Fr. Chad Hatfield on Orthodoxy, Catholicism & Anglicanism

Fr. Chad Hatfield, chancellor of St. Vladimir's Seminary, tells Fr. Chris about a recent conference at the seminary that brought together a number of high-profile Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Anglican theologians.