ARK - June 20, 2008


Faith & Fatherhood

On Come Receive the Light, Fr. Rick Andrews, pastor of
St. George Greek Orthodox Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, speaks with Fr. Chris about the true meaning of fatherhood. Also, Fr. Bill Mills on caring for the poor.

Did Grandma Need Jesus More Than You?

On this week's Theologically Thinking, Fr. Chris Makiej with a penetrating reflection entitled "Did Grandma Need Jesus More Than You?"

The Sunday of All Saints

This week's Icons in Sound features beautiful recordings of hymns that sing the praises of many different well known saints. As always, the musical selections are drawn from a variety of chant styles and traditions, and, whenever possible, in English.

Why Do Orthodox Christians Venerate Icons?

On this week's Special Moments in Orthodoxy, noted authors and public speakers Dr. Clark Carlton and Frank Schaeffer explain the place of Iconography in Orthodoxy.

Fathers & Families: Missing in Action

On this week's Just Thinking, Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News speaks with Fr. Chris about fatherhood, parenting and trends in family life, as well as Sen. Obama's recent speech on fathers in the black community.

"Quietness": Why You Need It & Why Your Spiritual Life Will Benefit From It

On Turning to the Fathers, Fr. John McGuckin continues his reflection on the spiritual teachings of St. John of Damascus.

What Does Believing in Jesus Really Mean?

Get Wisdom, Jason Barker's weekly Bible study program for teens and young adults, looks at Mark Chapter 9.

Come Receive the Light Study Guide (pdf)

Fr. John Parker, priest-in-charge of Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC, reflects on the Fatherhood of God and how it should inform our understanding of fatherhood and family.