This Week in ARK

October 8, 2008


Dear Friends of OCN,

Hope all is well! Many of you have requested that I continue to send this weekly update, so I have revived the practice. TONS of great programs have been aired since my last e-mail, so be sure to check our archives at

And if you haven't already, please watch this SPECIAL VIDEO MESSAGE from Fr. Chris to find out how you can help us make Orthodoxy a household word:

Finally: Enjoy the shows linked below - and be sure to share this e-mail (and the video!) with a friend!

Yours in Christ,


Come Receive the Light: Q&A with Frederica Mathewes-Green
Popular author Frederica Mathewes-Green answers listeners' questions on a wide variety of topics. Tune in to find out what she thinks about the new Orthodox Study Bible, converting when your spouse isn't on board, politics, abortion policy, and the future of Orthodoxy in the Western world. Also, Dr. Albert Rossi of St. Vladimir's Seminary on the role of silence in our prayer lives and personal relationships.



Journeys to Orthodoxy: A Life-Changing Conversion
From dabbling in drugs, witchcraft and magic to discovering Christianity, hear how one man's conversion to Christ and then to the Orthodox Church changed his life.



Just Thinking: The Presidential Election Politics, faith and Sarah Palin. Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News talks with Fr. Chris about the upcoming election. 

Special Moments in Orthodoxy: Raising Them Right with Khouria Maggie Hock

Tune in for a discussion on parenting and the surprising messages that movies, video games and advertisers are sending your kids.

OCN Now: Orthodox Humanitarian Work
Amal Marcos from IOCC with the latest from war-torn Georgia.

Turning to the Fathers: St. Theodoros on Prayer
Fr. John McGuckin speaks on St. Theodoros and how to start your prayers in the correct frame of mind and heart.

Get Wisdom: Orthodox Bible Study
In this episode, Jason Barker looks at Romans Chapter 4, talking about our Righteous Forefather Abraham.