This Week in ARK

October 31, 2008

Dear Holy Trinity Parishioners,

Included this week is our own Father Harry Pappas.  Father Harry's Bible Class was recorded and is on the Orthodox Christian Network as part of the Special Moments in Orthodoxy series.


Message from the Orthodox Christian Network:


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There are quite a few great programs out today, including the VERY FIRST episode of our newest series with Dr. Demetrios Katos, so please spread the word. Direct links and descriptions are available below.

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In Christ,

Seraphim Danckaert

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Come Receive the Light: Was Jesus God? A Rational, Philosophical Defense of Christian Faith

Richard Swinburne, an internationally recognized professor of philosophy from Oxford University, explains why he believes that the main Christian doctrines about the nature of God and his actions in the world are true — and rationally justifiable, even in today's world of science, sophistication and doubt. Also, Demetri Katos explains the purpose of "Worship in Spirit and Truth," a new OCN podcast about the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

Worship in Spirit & Truth

Our newest podcast is here! Join Dr. Demetrios Katos, as he explores the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and helps you more fully appreciate what's going on in Church on Sunday morning.

Just Thinking: Orthodoxy & America

What caused major newspapers like USA Today to write about conversions in the Orthodox Church? Fr. Chris and Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News discuss.

Special Moments in Orthodoxy: Book of Acts, Part III

Learn about the Earliest Church by studying the Book of Acts with  Fr. Harry Pappas, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at St. Vladimir's Seminary.

Theologically Thinking: Truly Universal Health Care!?

Ever wonder what it would be like if doctors healed people for free? Find out about the lives of two such doctors, Sts. Cosmas & Damianos.

Get Wisdom: A weekly Bible study program for teens and young adults

Jason Barker looks at Romans 8, talking about the involvement of the Holy Spirit in our salvation.


Turning to the Fathers

Fr. John McGuckin on St. Gregory the Theologian.

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